Monday, November 14, 2005


I attended the A.P. workshop this weekend and was a bit pessimistic abouts its value given the lack of a weekend I was going to have. was great on a number of levels. Although my students have enjoyed some success and I am comfortable with how I do it, I found a bunch of new approaches - many of which are constructivist. AP has been my least constructivist course due to the amount of necessary coverage of material. But I found myself changing my activities, readings, and "lectures" based on some great ideas. I also found myself "arguing" with a teacher (one who was very impressed with his voice and ocabulary, but with a stunning lack of grasp on government/politics!) who insisted A.P. should by lecture-based. The 3 AP Govt teachers from Creek (15 sections!!!!) seemed to enjoy the battle.

Additionally, a teacher from Hays, Kansas, was there. Hays has gone to all laptops for students. He raved about the possibilities, suggested some necessary programs to include, discussed the pitfalls and how to combat them, and left as a great resource for me for next year.

How did Hays, KANSAS!!!, get so progresive in a state of...never mind, it isn't the time or place to go there?!?!


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Great! Do you have a list of the programs he mentioned? Do you have his contact information? One of the things we need to do before our pilot with laptops next year is some heavy-duty research into laptop use in classrooms. Even though we are doing it in a more limited fashion than most (since the students can't take the laptop home with them), there's still a ton to learn.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Davis said...

I hope you get to share what they are doing and the pitfalls; I would be curious to hear all about it.

1:45 PM  
Blogger rayh said...

I agree with Michelle! Time to share.

3:42 PM  

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