Monday, August 28, 2006

So far...

So far, the start has been interesting. I'm watching my student teacher take my US kids from Day 1. The tech and constructivist pieces are emerging and I get to watch the student reactions in two gender-specific classes. This will be a fun experiment.

With AP gov, I've waited to use the laptops until some others (Smith and Kakos) had ironed out some detials for me. As I have 36 and 37 in the two rooms, I wanted to minimalize the "how to" issues as much as possible by learning from others and by having a few students who could also be reosurces. Even though the laptops have stayed locked up, we have had a number of great discussions based on their questions, comments and findings. As they have been leading what we do, I have had to be prepared for anything...being aware of the possible pros and cons of about 40 potential presidential candidates rather than the few who I think are legitimate contenders as one example. Constructivist teaching is harder on some levels...being prepared to go in more directions. Yet it is more fun and productive. I've orchestrated these same discussions in the past, but have never had more students bringing in more info to discuss.

Today,I'll show Karl's presentation and see where it takes us. I hope to swing it to a new role of government discussion.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A new have no idea!

So what do I want to share? As I become a new teacher this year, challenging myself to move beyond what I've done in the past, utilizing our newfound ideas and toys, challenging myself to find the new and better way to enjoy more success; I find that I must do so in my life also. It is he 21C challenge that I hope will help me to maintain focus and passion at a time that I will struggle to do so outside of these walls.