Tuesday, October 10, 2006


TG for Constructivism.

Time has been more of an issue for me this year than most. At school, life is fairly "normal", but at home the time I used to have has disappeared...much like some other things in my home. Changing my teaching takes a great deal of the time I have. But, for me, much of the time is simply thinking and reflecting. That can be done on a bike, in the pool, in the car, in the shower. By putting more of the "action" on the students, I find that I have found more time during my workday. I know that others are experiencing the opposite. Some are collaborating more and my focus is on two classes that only I teach. Maybe I just got lucky with kids that are willing to take ownership, raise their expectations, and accept the responsibilities I have shifted to them.

Or maybe this constructivist thing simply works.


Blogger James H said...

It think that my time has disappear as well. The only differnce is that I only have partial ownership from my students so while a lot of students are working together, there are still some students that do not feel comfortable with other students. These students are taking up that time at school that you have been able to free up. I think some of it might be your students acceptance of constructivism, but I also think that it works.

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