Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baby steps

I appreciated the time to think, reflect, and discuss at yesterday's meeting. As we listened to Kristen's activity and Rob's Russian issue, I found myself making some additions-subractions-changes to my US course. I especially loved hearing of the creative efforts - something many of her students did with me as freshmen with the Holocaust project. Their talents are humbling. Crosby's work this semester has set me up with about half of next semester's students to be able to jump right in with some ideas. I hope I'll be able to utilize her students to teach the "newbies". I'm excited to begin the new group with these new methods and ideas in place from the beginning. As Sean Kenney said in an essay he did for me, the hardest part of change is always the first step. Few risk taking them. But, the rest get easier and better.


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